Visiting Vulcan Aerospace

Vulcan Aerospace was one of the places we got to visit after our first launch.  It began when Cassie Lee, Director at Vulcan Aerospace Corp, came up to us during the Geekwire Summit and introduced herself.  She invited us to visit Vulcan in Downtown, Seattle. where we met several members of the Aerospace, Technology and Education teams. We all sat in a big conference room with them and they asked us a few questions about our launch.

After we talked about the Loki Lego Launcher and showed them our project binder with all our stuff, they showed us a 3-D model of their space craft. It is a double body Boeing 747 with six engines, and it’s called the Stratolaunch.  It is being built in California right now, but when it is complete, it will have the widest wingspan of any airplane in the world.

It’s designed to not waste fuel powering rockets to take off from the ground, but rather, it will carry rockets high in the air, and will allow them to take off from there.

It was really interesting to learn about their model, and we really appreciated how they talked to us like we were adults!


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