Special Thanks


Hi I’m Kimberly, and I’m about to fly to Washington D.C. with Dad to participate in the White House Science Fair. Mom and Rebecca are joining us soon after. Last night, my aunt asked me if I was nervous about maybe meeting the President, and I’m not nervous one bit, I’m super excited!

But I wouldn’t be at the airport about to fly to D.C. if it weren’t for our friends at buddingSTEM. buddingSTEM is a clothing company that makes clothing for kids, especially girls, to encourage them to be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They have dresses and shirts with dinosaurs and rockets and stars on them! They contacted us after we first launched Loki Lego Launcher, and since then, we’ve done a photo shoot at the Museum of Flight, modeled some clothing, interviewed with KING5 news, and recorded a commercial together. It has been really fun!

A few months ago, buddingSTEM told us that they were nominating us for the White House Science Fair. We didn’t think we were selected because we didn’t hear from anyone for a long time, but last week the White House people invited us to join them! We were so shocked and happy.

So thank you buddingSTEM for creating all these opportunities for us. Rebecca and I are super thankful. Please check out their website when you get a chance!



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