Setup Day at the White House

Today, we went to the White House.

We were there to set up our displays and presentations for the White House Science Fair tomorrow.  It was our first time to the White House, and it was amazing.

After going through security (it seemed like there were a lot of Secret Service people), we went to our assigned room, where we started to set up.  We couldn’t help but be amazed by everything, and we were marveling at all the photos of the existing and past presidents.  We also were amazed at all the portraits of the past presidents and the incredible decor in all the rooms, even with the furniture missing.

We met some really nice kids who had some really cool projects.  We didn’t understand the details for lots of their projects.  Most of the kids were older than us, and were in middle and high school.  It was really cool because they were all friendly and talked with us even though we were so much younger than them.  It was surprising to see that a few of them knew each other from different science fairs.  In fact, two girls who apparently used to compete against each other actually decided to collaborate with each other on their science fair project, even though they lived in different states.  We made friends with the girls who had an exhibit next to us; they were a Girl Scout troop from Missouri called the Blockheads.

Then we were a bit surprised, because a bunch of media people came in and started talking to us and filming us.  We didn’t know we were doing interviews today, but it was ok, because they seemed really interested in our project.  It was fun, and it gave us a chance to practice before the big day tomorrow.

Dad: How do you feel about tomorrow?

Kimberly: Right now I feel a bit nervous, a lot excited, and a bit overwhelmed.  But tomorrow will be awesome!

Rebecca: I should be overwhelmed and excited because tomorrow is probably one of the biggest days of my life, but right now I’m too tired to think much.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day!


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