Thank you everybody!

We are so grateful for all the congratulations from everybody, thank you so much!  We are very thankful.  It was amazing to fist bump the President and talk to him for such a long time.

Doing all those interviews was kinda crazy.  As a result, there has been lots of press coverage.  People have asked us for some links.  We haven’t read much, but here are some of the stories Dad linked for us: NBC News, ABC News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, PeopleThe Stranger, and KUOW.  There are even ones in ArmenianChinese and Spanish!

There was a lot of stuff on social media too.  Here are some of our favorites:

United States Senator Patty Murray (we met with her at her constituent coffee in the Senate building.  That was a cool room.)


Adam Savage from one of our favorite TV shows, Mythbusters.  He was super cool, and he did a fun interview with us too!  Here’s a link to that fun interview.

A Mighty Girl: Mom says they feature strong girls who are confident.  That’s pretty neat.


Pete Souza – Official White House Photographer.  Dad says this is his favorite.  We got to shake Mr. Souza’s hand too.


There are more adventures for the Loki Lego Launcher coming soon, but Mom & Dad said we have to concentrate on school for now. Talk to you later!


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