Online Tracking Links

Click here for Launch Day: Play by Play

We have two online tracking system on Loki Lego Launcher 2.0.  One of the lessons we learned from the first launch was to “have a redundant system.”  We’ll be a lot less anxious now that we have two trackers on board.

APRS!call=a%2FKI7CSK-11&timerange=86400&tail=21600 (map refreshes automatically)

SPOT Trace


The Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is an amateur radio based system used for real-time communications. We are using the APRS radio transmitter in conjunction with our flight computer to transmit latitude, longitude and altitude to an iGate, or Internet Gate, which allows us to track our spacecraft in near real-time (one minute intervals) on a website like  The APRS does not work as well as the SPOT Trace on the ground, but it is the only way we can transmit altitude data while in flight. Thanks to Dad, we are officially allowed to use the APRS system because he got an Amateur Radio License (his call sign: KI7CSK).

SPOT Trace

The SPOT Trace is a GPS tracking device that can be used for a variety of applications. It is generally used for tracking things that may be lost or hard to find, like the Loki Lego Launcher. The SPOT uses GPS to transmit its lat/long coordinates to a web page or app approximately once every five minutes and can be attached to practically anything.  One of the drawbacks of the SPOT is that it doesn’t work at high altitudes, as the satellite cannot track it when it is too high. It also does not transmit altitude, which was a problem for us in our first launch. It will be our main source for retrieval of the Loki Lego Launcher because it works best on ground.



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