Launch Day: Play by Play

Online Tracking: APRS or SPOT


2:32pm Successful retrieval of Loki Lego Launcher 2.0!!  We are so excited and happy and thrilled!  We are now going for a cold ice cream, and will take some time to look at the data and the footage.  Thank you so much for coming along with our launch today, we loved having you with us!


2:22pm. It has landed! We’ve parked and are walking through a tall grass field looking for it…

1:41pm It’s on the way down, and it exceeded 100,000 feet!  We’re NE of Ritzville, and are trying to intercept it.  Super giddy group of stratospheric explorers right here.  SPOT signal re-acquired.

12:37pm We’re now back in the car; the hunt is afoot!  Loki Lego Launcher 2.0 just broke through 80,000ft, thus exceeding our previous max height. Go Loki Go!!  The chase is on.

11:31am We’re taking a short pit stop in Moses Lake. Can’t believe how fast the balloon craft is moving.  The APRS data is phenomenal. Our predictor indicated that the balloon will double back, head west, and after bursting, it will turn back east again. Hard to say how high it will go, but it’s fascinating to get this data in real time.  We hope the solar experiment is collecting good data! Back to the chase soon.

10:49am Now the chase begins. Follow along using the links above. The APRS data will also include altitude and temperature.  We’re heading east!

10:42am APRS and SPOT tracking active. Heading in the right direction.

Kimberly celebrates successful launch

10:34am LIFTOFF!!

10:20am Balloon inflated, attaching to parachute and spacecraft now.

9:47am This seems like a nice place to launch a spacecraft.  Launch will likely be closer to 10:30am.

8:47am Launch Directors have (groggily) confirmed weather and wind conditions. We are Go for Launch.  Heading to launch site now.

7:15am – Both Launch Directors still sleeping, hmm… (Dad)
6:13am – Weather at launch time calling for sunny skies around 84F (29C)  with 10-12mph winds from the WSW.  It will warm up to 93F by anticipated recovery time, so it’s going to be a hot day! (Dad)


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