We Get to Work With NASA On the Next Launch!

The poll on which new Lego minifigure to send up is going great so far and we’re all looking forward the launch!

One super excited thing that’s happening this launch is that we are going to be working with the Eclipse Ballooning Project! This project consists of citizen scientists across the country who will be launching weather balloons into the path of totality. At the end, we all share our data with each other and NASA, which we think will be really cool. We’ll be launching in Glendo, Wyoming with the Montana Space Grant Consortium and will get to work on our project alongside real scientists.

We’re also hoping to be part of a NASA microbiology project that intends to examine how microorganisms fare in near-space conditions. We’ll post more about that later.

We’ve decided on our two goals for this launch:

1. To capture footage of the moon’s shadow on the earth

2. To capture and analyze data from our flight computer and solar panel as they pass through the solar eclipse

We’ll post more about differences for this launch and other details soon. Super excited!


Who Should We Send to the Stratosphere?

We’re getting ready to launch in August and it’s time to select a new LEGO minifigure. We’ve narrowed it down to three options: Merida from the movie Brave, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Amelia Earhart, the first pilot to cross the Atlantic. We think that all of them were strong, empowering, girls. What’s your opinion about which of them should be on the Loki Lego Launcher 3.0? Let us know here!

We look forward to the final results!