Only Two Days Until the Eclipse!

We are heading to the launch site today in Fort Laramie, WY. We may not have great Internet service or any service at all around our launch site. Just in case we can’t update anything, here is our APRS link to follow the Loki Lego Launcher 3.0 on Eclipse Day.!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FKI7CSK-11&timerange=3600&tail=3600

We will also have our SPOT Trace GPS tracker going, which can be followed here:

We plan on launching around 10:45 am MT on Monday, August 21. We won’t start recovery operations until after 3pm MT. Right now, our current predictor has our launcher landing in Western Nebraska. We hope it doesn’t land in a corn field, because that would make it really hard to find! For a live feed of a MSGC balloon, also check out

We have had a lot of media coverage the last few days, and we’re very grateful for the recognition. Thank you to Good Morning America for having us on the show, and for asking us to demonstrate the eclipse the next day. Thank you to World News Tonight for choosing us as Persons of the Week. We wish we could have made the opportunities with CTV and Channel NewsAsia work out. We are look forward to working with the BBC on a documentary in Fort Laramie, but that’s all we can talk about for now.

But now we’re focussing on the preparation for the launch; there is so much to do! We need to figure out how to add an Iridium tracker to our Loki Lego Launcher, and then weigh our payload to calculate how much helium we’ll need in our 2000g balloon. We’re excited to meet the other eclipse balloon teams, and the scientists from University of Montana, MIT, SUNY, and more. In addition, we need to figure out how to stay cool for the next three days, because it’s going to be in the 90’s and we’ll be camping in an open field with no shade!


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