Speaking at the Gates Foundation

On Wednesday we were given a very special opportunity to speak at the Day of the Girl event at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We were part of a panel with some amazing women: Damaris Toepel from SpaceX, who is nicknamed the “Mother of Dragons” because she works on the Dragon capsule that SpaceX sends up, Dr. Katrina Claw, a Navajo women who is now a genome scientist, and Favour Orji, a second year bioengineer student at the University of Washington (UW). We were honored to be part of a panel with such inspirational women and it was amazing hearing their stories.

We had been practicing and preparing for the speech, and but we were really worried about messing up in front of everybody. On the day of the speech, we got out of school early, and spoke with the organizers and the moderator of the panel, Jennifer McCleary-Sill, who helped us not be so nervous.

When we gave our speech, we went through the whole thing without any memory blanks, which is what we were worried about. It all worked out well. It was interesting to be able to see other people’s reactions to what we were saying and we were relieved that everybody seemed to really like our project. Afterward we had a fun time looking through the various exhibits and talking to people who had really enjoyed our speech which made us feel really good about how it went. All in all, it was a super fun experience even though we were a little nervous, and we’ll always remember the people who were on the panel with us.

Thank you Gates Foundation!